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Motion sensor Z-Wave (#14279)


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  • Requires TellStick


  • Monitors your home
  • Does not react to pets
  • Create events with Telldus Live

With our smart motion sensor Z-Wave, you can feel confident that your home is monitored when you are asleep or away. By connecting the motion sensor to Telldus Live, you can trigger a light to come on when someone gets up at night, or receive notifications if there are uninvited guests in the house when you are away. This is the ultimate sensor for those with pets! It only reacts to movement from humans. This way, there will be no unnecessary lighting of lamps or sending of notifications!

This product requires a TellStick ZNet Lite V1/V2. This makes it super easy for you to control your devices through our app and cloud service, Telldus Live.

Technical Specification




Z-Wave plus

Compatible Tellstick

Znet Lite v1, Znet Lite v2

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