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Smart house starter kit


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Bundle Contents

Z-Wave extender × 2

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Doorsensor × 2

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Tellstick ZNet Lite v2

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Motion sensor

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Smart plug Z-Wave

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  • Light up lamps automatically
  • Receive a notification if something is amiss
  • Scare away uninvited guests

With our smart House package, you can rest assured that Telldus will help you stay in control if something were to happen. If doors and windows open or movements are detected when you are away, you have the option for you or your nearest neighbor to receive a notification on your phone so you can act in time. So smart! With the help of schedules and timer functions in our cloud service Telldus Live, you can also automate your lighting and scare away uninvited guests! The possibilities are endless.

With the House package, you can also keep track of more practical things, such as getting a notification if the temperature in the fridge or freezer deviates. You can even set a timer on the coffee maker, so that you always wake up to freshly brewed coffee!

Would you like installation assistance?
No problem. We offer technical support via, which helps you with the entire installation if you so wish.

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