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Starter Kit with smart plugs


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Technical Specification


  • Schedules and automatized events
  • Control devices via mobile
  • Control your lamps automatically

With our smart smart plugs, you can easily create schedules and get the connected devices to be controlled automatically. For example, set your lights to turn on and off at specific times that you normally do manually, or to turn off your devices and chargers at night to avoid accidents. The smart plugs are small, discreet and easy to place in the home’s various electrical outlets.

The plugs can also be controlled and switched off easily remotely via Telldus Live in your mobile with one click. How many times have you been worried about forgetting your devices plugged in when you already left home? We can relate. Treat yourself to a more comfortable and safe everyday life and let your smart home control itself while you think about more important things. With this starter pack, you can easily get started with automating your home. In addition, Telldus Live is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and that allows you to control your plugs via voice control!

The starter pack also includes a TellStick and a three months premium access! Being a premium user at Telldus gives you access to extended history for sensors, increased flexibility to create automated events and the ability to send emails and SMS if something happens.

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