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Starter kit with smoke detector


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  • Receive notifications on your phone when there is smoke or fire
  • Light up escape routes
  • Setting off one alarm sets off all others

A good smoke detector can give you that extra minute you need to put out the fire and save lives. Telldus starter kit with two smoke detectors makes your home more secure. The smoke detectors sends signals to all interconnected smoke sensors when it detects fire or smoke in your home. This ensures that the alarm reaches everyone in the house. This smart smoke detectors can also light escape routes. And best of all: via Telldus Live, you can enable that you or your nearest neighbor receive a notification or a text message about the fire.

This package also includes 3 free months of premium! Being a premium user at Telldus brings you several benefits. It gives you priority when new products are launched, generous discount codes and priority access to sales & promotions!

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