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Door sensors

Now you do not have to worry about unexpected surprises at home. With a smart door bell from Telldus, you have full control of when someone is at the door, whether you are out in the garden, at home or away. You can also monitor doors and windows directly in your mobile with smart door sensors and be alerted if something is not right. No matter how you live, we have solutions for you to have a safer and easier everyday life.

Monitor your home with door sensors

With door sensors and window sensors, you protect your home, completely without hassle! You can easily monitor doors and windows and make sure they are closed when you leave home. With Telldus, you can simply relax more in everyday life, whether you are at home or away. Receive a notification directly on your phone and act in no time, if uninvited guests try to enter. The door and window sensors have a neat design and can be placed discreetly right where you want to monitor. With door sensors and window sensors, you can also create a simpler everyday life together with other smart devices. Via our cloud service Telldus Live, you can connect and ensure that they are triggered by each other. How about getting the closet lighting on when you open the sliding door? Or that the outdoor lighting comes on when you open the front door and it’s dark outside? Another everyday concern is that you easily miss when someone rings the door bell when you are out in the garden or garage. With a smart door bell, you get a notification on your mobile phone if someone rings on the bell and you do not have to worry about missing a visit. You can also turn off the sound when the children go to bed to prevent them from waking up, or set the volume to be lowered during certain hours of the day to avoid having to do it manually. We have smart sensors that are adapted to you and your home. The possibilities are endless, you set the limits!