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What is TellStick Flow?

TellStick Flow is our latest hub that allows you to integrate affordable Smartline Flow lamps into your existing Telldus system. The gateway uses Bluetooth to communicate to the Flow devices, a secure and two way communication. For the smart lighting to become more helpful in saving energy, you will need them to be able to control remotely and automatically.

Adding lights to Telldus Live

By adding lights to your Telldus system, you can create automations and events between the lights and the existing devices. How about connecting, for example, a lamp and a PIR sensor to create a welcoming feeling when someone enters a room? With TellStick Flow, you can control your lighting wherever you are in the world (as long as you have a working internet connection).

Voice control

In addition to controlling your lights via your mobile phone, TellStick Flow allows you to use voice commands* to turn your lights on, off and dim them. This is a perfect feature for those who easily forget to turn off the hallway light before bedding down for the evening.

* See our FAQ on how to connect to Google and Alexa

Bring it all together in one place

We are constantly working to make your life as smooth as possible. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to control all your devices and lights in one single app. All you need to do is to download the Telldus Flow app and perform a very simple setup. We’ll guide you!

  1. Download the Telldus Flow app.
  2. Add the Smartline Flow lights by pressing “+”.
  3. Power on the TellStick Flow.
  4. Press ”+” and ”Scan QR code”.
  5. A camera window will open automatically. Point the camera at the QR code printed on the bottom of TellStick Flow,
  6. Then follow the instructions that come up.