3 Round Outdoor Outlets with Remote Control 433MHz

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Three remote controlled outdoor outlets with on/off function. Suitable for controlling garden lights. Remote control is included.

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Product Description

The new generation of outdoor receivers. Now it is smaller than before. Makes a great addition to your smart home. Perfect for all kind of outdoor applications such as controlling the car heater or garden lights etc. Remote control included that allows you to control this receiver without Telldus Live! if you should want to.

This product is compatible with all our TellStick models. Outdoor use. You can manually control it by using the built-in button. 5 memory slots, FIFO -memory*, ability to delete single or all memory slots, status memory at power interruption and much more.

Voltage: 230V
Max load: 2300W
IP Class: IP44
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Range up to 30 meters.

* FiFo stands for “First In – First Out” and is a way to describe memory slot management. It means that the memory is not getting full, so you have to empty it which is common in older and sometimes less expensive receivers. Then you must manually empty the memory if you want to add new codes. However, it is not necessary for these outlets. The sixth programming you make simply overwrites the oldest one.


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