Flic Button Black

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The smartest button in the world! Are you fed up with always using your phone to control your smart home? Use Flic Button instead.

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Product Description

Flic – The World’s Smartest Button! Are you tired of using the phone for every little thing? Then the Flic Button is for you. You connect the button via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It can then control apps on your smartphone with simple commands. to a comfortable level. Or send your position to anyone. Or start a playlist on Spotify. Or… well, the applications are almost infinite.

The button works with a variety of products and services. For example:
• Telldus Live!
• Philips Hue
• Uber
• Sonos
• Spotify
• Apple Music
• …and many more

The button has a soft silicone cover that makes it both comfortable to use and protected from weather and wind. It works as well indoors as outdoors.

Application Uses:

At home
Put a Flic Button on the inside of the front door. With a push, you can turn on or turn off lights in the house – perfect when you get home or go out. Press twice and your phone can give up a sound – how many times have you not asked? ” Where is my phone? ” When to stress the job?

In the car
Flic Button helps you become a safer user. Set the button so that you can send a text to your partner with just a push on the button. Press twice to make a call. And hold down the button to launch the music from a Spotify playlist.

On the go
Flic Button attaches to most surfaces and with the supplied clip you can attach it to clothes or bags. With one click, you can send your position to a selection of contacts – perfect for the kids or if you’re heading home late at night. With two presses, call someone. Hold down the button and let the phone sound an alarm!

The button is powered by a 3V CR2016 button cell battery (included). Battery life is about 60000 clicks.

Read more on Flic’s website, which you will find here.

Additional Information

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Dimensions 110 x 107 x 25 mm