Grower’s Bundle

358 kr 322,20 kr

A small special kit when you want to use Telldus in your greenhouse or cultivation. You get 10% discount on the included parts.

Termo/Hygro Sensor 433MHz

Sensor som mäter både temperatur och luftfuktighet. Sensorn är batteridriven och kan användas både inomhus och utomhus.

179 kr 161,10 kr

In stock

Utomhusuttag IP44 433MHz

Fjärrstyrt på/av-uttag för utomhusbruk. Lämpligt för styrning av kupévärmare, trädgårdsbelysning och bevattning.

179 kr 161,10 kr

In stock

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Product Description

This is a bundle especially made for the Telldus user that likes to grow plants, either in a greenhouse or outdoors. Or both.

Connect for example a water pump or a moisturizer to the receiver. Then let the sensor control when start it depending on the temperature or humidity.

For this to work, you need a TellStick and a Telldus Live! account. If you do not have a TellStick, you can buy one here. You save 10% on each of the parts when you buy this bundle.

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