Philio Plug-in Receiver on/off

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Z-Wave Plug-in receiver from Philio. On/Off. The thin lower edge makes it possible to fit two receivers in one 2-way wall outlet.

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Product Description

This plug-in receiver from Philio may be controlled using any of our Z-Wave gateways or using a Z-Wave remote control.

The status LED button may be used to control the receiver manually. The slim design fits perfectly in your modern smart home.

Voltage: 230V +/- 10% ~ 50Hz
Current: 13A
Max load: 3000W (resistive); 1500W (incandescent); 320W (fluoresecent tube)
Protection class: IP20
Z-Wave® Frequency: 868.42MHz * – 500 Series – Z-Wave Plus®
Range: 30m indoors
Dimensions: 57.7×94.5×76.6mm

Additional Information

Weight 0.149 kg
Dimensions 105 x 80 x 70 mm


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