Remote Control Hank 1-button Z-Wave

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This is a nifty remote control with one large button. Control your Z-Wave devices without using the phone.

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Product Description

Simplify the control of your smart home with this 1-button remote control from Hank. You can easily control your devices or Telldus Live events with a simple push of the button. It is easy to place anywhere in your home, for example in the hallway, bedroom, living room, kitchen, well you understand. Why not use it to start a count-down timer that will automatically turn off your coffee machine? Or put one at your front door that will turn off all devices when you leave home, and turn them on when you come back? And all is done without the use of your phone!

Associate the control directly to Z-Wave devices
If you have Z-Wave devices in your home, then you can associate them directly to the remote control. This way, you do not need any gateway or internet connection to control them. When you use direct association, the button has toggle function. Ie. press once to turn on; press again to turn off.

Control by using a TellStick* and Telldus Live
If you associate the remote control with your TellStick* then you can control everything you have setup in Telldus Live. Through Live Events it is possible to control all devices in your home by pressing the button. And since you are controlling everything through your TellStick and Telldus Live, you may also control devices using the 433MHz frequency. Since your TellStick stores every settings locally, this will also work even though internet should not work.

The control is powered by a rechargeable battery (included) that will last up to 6 months on each charge. The battery is charged using the included Micro USB cable. (Note! Charger is not included). Also included you will find double adhesive tape if you want to stick the remote somewhere.

Battery: Button cell CR2450 Litium 3.6V, rechargeable
Frequency: 868.42MHz (EU)
Size: 50x50x16mm

* Only works with Z-Wave gateways such as TellStick ZNET Lite V1 and V2.

Additional Information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 68 × 68 × 40 mm


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