Remote Controlled Outlet on/off 433MHz

149 kr

Start-up kit with 3 on/off plug-in receivers (1000W) and remote control. Easily control your lights and other electric appliances.

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Product Description

Start-up kit that consists of 3 on/off receivers and a remote control. Each receiver manage loads up to 1000W which make them very suitable to control lamps and other low power consuming appliances. The recivers have FIFO functionality and status memory. And they are of course comaptible with our TellStick gateways.

* FiFo stands for “First In – First Out” and is a way to describe memory slot management. It means that the memory is not getting full so you have to empty it, which is common in older and sometimes less expensive receivers. Then you must manually empty the memory if you want to add new codes. However, it is not necessary for these outlets. The sixth programming you make simply overwrites the oldest one.

Additional Information

Weight 0.391 kg
Dimensions 80 × 223 × 179 mm


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