Safety 1

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This is the bundle that can give you peace of mind. Monitor and control for example your coffee machine from outside your home.

Z-Wave Gateway TellStick ZNet Lite Ver 1

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Remote Controlled Outlet Telldus Z-Wave

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Product Description

You’ve probably left from your home and after a while, started to think “Did I turn off the coffee machine?” And once that thought has crossed your mind, you start to worry. Then imagine how comfortable it is to be able to turn the coffe machine off, no matter where you are.

The package includes:
1 Telldus TellStick ZNet Lite v1 (311910)
1 Telldus Plug-in Receiver Z-Wave (311912)

Why Z-Wave?
Since this is a security application, Z-Wave technology is preferable due to its two-way communication. Z-Wave send back a confirmation from the receiver that it is actually turned off. You easily manage the recevier from the smartphone app.

You can easily expand your system in the future by adding more sockets and sensors *. You can also use 433MHz sockets with TellStick Z-Net Lite v1, even older ones#.

* TellStick Z-Net Lite v1 does not support incoming signals at 433MHz. This means that you can not connect sensors that work with this type of signal. If you want a package that supports this, we recommend the Safety 2 package.

# We support many sockets on the market, including older models. However, some may not work with TellStick Z-Net Lite v1. See the list of compatible devices here .