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Our new start-up kit Monitor is focused on monitoring. It contain several sensors that can control appliances in your home.

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Product Description

The Monitor Start-Up Kit is for you that focus on monitoring your smart home. With this kit, you will have a great complement to your regular burglar alarm system (so called Soft Security). The kit contain several types of sensors to let you monitor doors, windows, patios, balconies, storage rooms etc. The included receivers may control lights and other electric appliances. All parts are compatible with Telldus Live! which is our web interface that you use to install and control your smart home.

The kit consists of:
1 TellSticj Net v2 (433MHz)
1 Round plug-in receiver (230V/16A/3680W)
1 Remote Control
1 Outdoor plug-in receiver (IP44/230V/16A/2680W)
1 Thermo/Hygro sensor that measure temperature indoors and outdoors and humidity where you place the main unit
2 Magnet sensors
1 PIR sensor

All parts communicates using 433MHz frequency.

The TellStick is compatible with a multitude of accessories from many different brands. That way, it is easy to extend your smart home.

Additional Information

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Dimensions 300 × 90 × 265 mm


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