Villa Bundle

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Det här är ett perfekt paketerbjudande för dig som bor i villa. 1st TellStick ZNet Lite v2 tillsammans med 2-10st Strips från Sensative. Köp fler strips – spara mer pengar. Vid 10 strips så får du hela 998:- i rabatt!

Z-Wave Gateway TellStick ZNet Lite Ver 2

Den nya versionen av TellStick ZNet Lite kombinerar det bästa av två världar fullt ut. Dubbelriktad Z-Wave och sändning+mottagning på 433MHz.

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Kanske världens tunnaste magnetsensor! Efter montering är sensorn helt osynlig. Svensk innovation när den är som bäst.

499 kr 399,20 kr / pc.

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Product Description

A good place to start building your smart home is to put sensors on windows and doors. By doing that, you get a simple protection to forget the window open. And if someone unauthorized tries to get in, you can get directly be notified about it.

It is estimated that a 1.5 storey normal villa built 1966-1975 that has 125 m² living space and 30 m² gross floor area, has about 13 windows/balcony doors. Most of them are placed at the ground floor We have therefore put together a package that is perfect for those who are about to start installing a smart home. It consists of a TellStick ZNet Lite v2 and Strips from Sensative. You choose how many strips you want to buy (between 2-10), and the more you buy the more discount you get. If you buy 10st Strips you will receive a total of 150€ in discount, which corresponds to the price of TellStick in this package! Or recalculated, a full 23% discount on the entire purchase.

Strips is the perfect sensor for the villa, whether you have just built a new house or have an older house. Because it’s completely hidden, it does not matter. It it not visible after installation so it does not disturb either a modern look or a rustic older environment. You can also use Strips in many more places. You can put it in the kitchen cabinet, on the children safety gate and so on. Strips fit everywhere you want to find out if it’s open or not. Thanks to its innovative battery design, you never have to think about changing the battery, since it will last for up to 10 years.

Of course, you will get the greatest benefit if you also buy our Pro subscription. Then you can also send sms/mail to optional people, which may be useful if you are on the move, for example, and push notifications are not enough. It is easy to buy a Pro subscription when you’re signed in to Telldus Live!. You’ll see a link to the left of your name after you log in to Live! which you can click on. Then just follow the instructions. Learn more about Pro subscriptions here.

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