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Rechargeable weather station powered by solar cells. The built-in battery recharges during the day and automatically adjusts the reporting intervals to last during less sunny days and nights. Z-Wave Plus.

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Product Description

Z-Weather has a built-in rechargeable battery that is charged with solar cells. The sensor measures temperature, humidity, luminance, air pressure and wind speed and calculates and reports dew point. With this weather sensor you can trigger events in Telldus Live! based on weather changes. For example, you can get a notification if wind speed reaches storm level so you can secure outdoor furniture or automatically turn on or off the outdoor lighting depending on whether it is dark or light outdoors. You can also see values from the sensor directly in our app. If you want to compare specific weather changes with earlier periods, you can do so in Telldus Live! using sensor history*.

Using this product with Telldus Live! requires that you have a TellStick with Z-Wave support (ZNet Lite V1/V2) connected to your router.


  • Measures luminance, humidity, temperature, dew point, wind speed and air pressure
  • Z-Wave Plus


  • 300 x 121 x 330 mm

* Subscribe to Premium in Telldus Live! for extended sensor history. For Basic, history is stored for the last 7 days.


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