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1 week ago
Everything up and running again. We are still monitoring the situation. #ok
1 week ago
We are experiencing issues with Telldus Live! due to the network disturbance at our hosting provider yesterday evening. We are working on it!
1 week ago
Hosting provider reports packet loss in network. This may effect Telldus Live!, we are monitoring the situation.
4 weeks ago
DNS issues solved. We are still monitoring. #ok
1 month ago
We are experiencing intermittent DNS-problems. This may lead to problems when accessing Telldus Live!-services. We are investigating.
1 month ago
Servers successfully restarted. No downtime. #ok



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Telldus4 days ago
Missa inte vår Instagram-tävling!
Vi bjuder in till en påsk-tävling där du kan vinna ett av tre påskägg sprängfyllda med smarta prylar! Varuvärdet i varje påskägg är ca 2500 kr!

Läs mer om tävlingen på vår Instagram @telldus
Telldus2 weeks ago
A new beginning… Telldus Live! v3!
Behind the scenes we have been working on a new version of Telldus Live! for a while. We have had the vision to create a better and more up to date web interface for quite some time, and while releasing many new features in the app during 2018, we have been simultaneously working on the new web. We now invite you to try it out!

The new interface is responsive and although mainly intended for desktop it works perfectly for tablets and other mobile devices as well. It may also give some hints of cool features to come…

Please note that Telldus Live! v3 is a work in progress and many features are still not available. But as we continue the development you are very welcome to try it out and tell us what you think. We value your feedback!

Telldus Live! v3 is currently available to test for our Premium users. Go to to take it for a spin!
Telldus2 months ago
We are happy to announce that version 3.9 of our app Telldus Live! mobile is released! It is now possible to include and exclude Z-Wave devices directly from the app! Z-Wave Secure and multi-channel devices are of course also supported. The add button in the top right of the device screen takes you to the add Z-Wave device wizard.
We also present the option to login using Google account.
Another added feature is the ability to manage push enabled devices. You now change the reference name of your mobile device and remove old ones from the list. #telldus #app #android #ios #tellduslivesmarter #mytelldus #tellduslive #zwave
Telldus2 months ago
Now Google Home Support is available to all Telldus Live users! Control your devices with voice commands without having to pick up your phone. Guide on how to set it up here:
Telldus4 months ago
Don't miss our Premium campaign!

Right now you get 3 months extra when buying 12 months Premium Access! Take advantage of upgrading your Telldus Live! account to get access to many smart features such as unlimited sensor history, sending automated SMS and email, enhanced flexibility in events and early access to new features. For example, as a Premium user, you can now connect your Telldus Live! account to Google Home to control your devices by voice. Sensor history is now also available in our app, which makes it even easier to use.

If you already have Premium Access you can of course also take part of this offer! The new period is simply added to your existing one, so you can upgrade even before your current period expires.

Subscribe or extend your Premium subscription on, sign in with your Telldus Live! account. There is also more information for those who want to know more about what Premium offers and all the benefits you get as a Premium user.

Buy Premium Now:

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