We are continuously working with development of new features, interfaces, apps, and more. Below you can find some of the projects that are under development.

For developers that want to create their own app we provide information on our Telldus Developer site.


Beta program

Would you like early access to test new features and help with the development? Then you can apply to become a beta tester. Depending on the project there might be a limited amount of beta tester spots available.

Telldus Live! App v.3

Telldus Live! Mobile


This is a re-write of our Telldus Live! Mobile App. We’ve changed the framework used by the app and basically built it again from scratch.


v 3.10 (Released)

  • Widgets for Android (only for Premium users)
  • Local control troubleshoot guide
  • Mark Z-Wave device as failed

v 3.11 (In beta now!)

  • RGB support
  • Updated design for transparent Android Widgets

Please send your feedback to us here:


  • v 3.4 2017-10: Initial v3 release
  • v 3.5 2018-03: Device details, Device history, Create account, Activate location
  • v 3.6 2018-05: Add/edit schedules, Location details, Updated design
  • v 3.7 2018-10: Local control (Net v2 och ZNet v1/v2)
  • v 3.8 2018-12: Sensor history, Sensor details, Device types
  • v 3.9 2019-02: Add Z-Wave devices, Handle phones, Login using Google
  • v 3.10 2019-05: Widgets for Android (only for Premium users)
  • Beta testing

    We’re now inviting users to test the app. We really care about having active testers, make sure you have some time available to play with the app and to provide feedback. Sometimes beta softwares are not stable. If you (or your family) prefers to have a stable setup at all time – you better don’t get into BETA testing.