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Motion sensors

Feel safe even when you’re not at home! With a motion sensor, you can make sure to always keep track of what is happening in the home. Avoid uninvited guests entering your home and avoid costly consequences. Make it look like you are at home, when in fact you are away by simulating presence in your home. It is easily done in your mobile and you get full control of your home wherever you are.

Feel safe with motion sensors

With motion sensors placed in the home, you easily protect it and can prevent someone from breaking in and completing a burglary. A PIR sensor does not replace a complete home alarm but works great for monitoring the home when you are away. Receive a notification on your mobile phone when the PIR sensor detects activity and act in no time, even from a distance. Via our cloud service Telldus Live, you can also connect other smart devices with motion detectors and make them trigger by each other. In this way, you can, for example, make lights in different rooms light up when a motion sensor detects activity and scare away uninvited guests. With a few keystrokes on your mobile, you can simulate presence by setting timers on your lights. You can also make sure that the neighbor receives an SMS if you have our premium service, which can be closer at hand if you are away when something deviates from the norm in your home. Do you have any pets? No problem, we have motion detectors that aren’t activated by animals. Connect your smart devices with your PIR sensor and get endless possibilities in your smart home!