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Premium membership – get the most out of your smart home

Being a premium member at Telldus gives the opportunity to create an easier everyday life by automating daily routines, so that you can sit back and focus on more important things in life. Get benefits like being the first to test new products being launched, generous discount codes and great offers.

What does premium do for you?

Premium membership – get the most out of your membership
Wake up to a scent of freshly brewed coffee
Connect Telldus with the rest of the world
Keep track of electricity consumption and save money
Warm car all vinter, regardless of the weather
Neighborhood watch – Take care of each other

Share and switch account

As a premium user, you have access to change accounts if you have devices in more than one place. Let’s say that you want to be able to control both your home and the summer cabin via separate views depending on where you are, you can easily switch between accounts via the app. This requires that one of the accounts is a premium account. This way, you can share the home account with the rest of the family without them having access to the account for the office, for example.

Wake up to a scent of
freshly brewed coffee

Most people realize that a little extra effort today leads to a more pleasant morning tomorrow. With Telldus, you can ensure that the coffee maker is switched on automatically every morning when you switch off the alarm on your phone, and switches off again after 30 minutes. Only you set the limits, with Premium we give you more opportunities and greater flexibility. Welcome a more pleasant everyday life with freshly brewed coffee, without even getting out of bed.

Premium membership – get the most out of your membership

Being a premium user at Telldus means that you get several benefits. How about priority when new products are launched, generous discount codes and priority for promotions? Or get to try new products and services? Yes, we offer all this. It pays off to be Premium!

Warm car all winter, regardless of weather

Do you want a warm car regardless of the weather? Let Telldus do the work for you! With a smart outlet and a thermometer, you can enter a warm car every day and avoid having to scrape the windshield. The colder it is outside, the earlier the heater switches on, and you can relax at the breakfast table.

Neighborhood watch

Let’s say the worst has happened. You’ve had a burglary, or the house is on fire, but you’re away from home. In that case it’s nice that Telldus can trigger an SMS to your neighbour or close friend. This way, you can ensure that someone close by can help you quickly if an accident occurs. This is of course just as suitable for monitoring the temperature in the fridge or freezer in your summer house. You can also choose to receive e-mail if you prefer. You decide!

Keep track of electricity consumption and save money

With the help of sensor history, you get an overview of your electricity consumption. Take control and challenge yourself to reduce the cost! You can compare days and months directly in your phone. By making conscious choices, you save both the environment and your wallet. Surely it feels great to do good for the environment while saving money? You also get full control of temperature and precipitation. Day after day, year after year.

Connect Telldus with the rest of the world

A smart home is a place for people who understand the greatness of the small details. How about letting your favorite music start playing right when you get home from work, or having your robot vacuum cleaner start vacuuming when you leave home? It is precisely those moments in everyday life that Telldus goes the extra mile for, and that will always make you a winner. With Telldus you can connect with hundreds of products and services, with Telldus Premium you are free.