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Telldus Premium – More benefits for your smart home

Being a premium user at Telldus means the opportunity to create a more comfortable everyday life by automating daily routines, so that you can sit back and focus on more important things in life. Get benefits such as being the first to test new products that are launched, generous discount codes and exclusive offers.

Premium benefits

Telldus customer club – get more as a member
Share and switch accounts
Connect Telldus with the rest of the world
Security and communication between neighbors
Keep track of electricity consumption and save money
Heated car all winter, regardless of weather
Wake up to a scent of freshly brewed coffee
Expand your smart home with Siri shortcuts

Create shortcuts with Siri

As a premium user, you have the benefit to expand your smart home using Siri shortcuts for iOS 12 and later. This feature allows you to run shortcuts by asking Siri via voice command or tapping your home screen. A flexible function for you who, for example, want to be able to ask Siri to turn on lights in the living room without opening the app. You can read more about how to do this in our FAQ.

The next step for your smart home

Geofence is a predetermined geographical area that, together with your mobile’s location, can trigger various events via Telldus Live. Let’s say you want the heat in your home to be raised slightly, just in time for you to get home from work. By setting a radius of 2 km from your home, your smart element thermostat raises the heat when you enter the area. Read more about geofence here.

Share and switch account

As a premium user, you have the benefits of being able to switch accounts if you have devices in more than one place. Let’s say that you want to be able to control both your permanent home and the summer cabin via separate views depending on where you are. With this function, you can easily switch between your accounts via the app. This requires that one of your accounts has a premium membership. For example, you can share the home view with the rest of the family without them having access to the account for the office. Read more about the settings in our FAQ.

Wake up to a scent of
freshly brewed coffee

Create peaceful mornings without making an effort. With Telldus, you can ensure that the coffee maker is switched on automatically every morning when you switch off the alarm on your phone. Being a Premium user at Telldus gives you the benefits of creating a more flexible life.

Telldus customer club – get more as a member

Being a premium user at Telldus includes several benefits. How about being the first to get notified when new products are launched, generous discount codes or exclusive offers? It pays off being a premium user! Upgrade now.

Heated car – all winter long

Get the luxury to sit in a heated car every morning, no matter how cold it is outside. Using a plug and a thermometer, you can avoid getting late to work because of frosty windshields. The cooler it is outside, the earlier the heater switches on.  Read more about the function in our FAQ.

Safety between neighbors

Let’s pretend the worst has happened! You’ve had a burglary or there’s a fire in your house, but you are not there. Telldus can help you by sending a text message to your nearest neighbor. In this way, you can ensure that someone close to you always is there to help. This is a very smart function if you have a water leak in your summer cabin when you’re not around. You can also choose to receive e-mail if you prefer, instead of text messages. You decide!

Keep track of your electricity consumption

With the help of the sensor history in Telldus Live, you can get a good overview of your electricity consumption. Take control and compete with yourself by reducing the cost, month by month! You can compare both days and months directly via your phone. You also get full control of temperature and precipitation. Read more about where to find your consumption in our FAQ.

Connect Telldus with the rest of the world

A smart home is a place for people who understand the greatness of the small details. How about letting your favorite music start playing right when you get home from work, or having your robot vacuum cleaner automatically start vacuuming when you leave home? These are the small things Telldus walk the extra couple of miles for, and what makes you a winner. With Telldus you can connect with hundreds of products and services.