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Monitor your home, even when you are not around. We have solutions for you and your home that will make you feel secure at all times.

  • By setting timers on your smart lights and outlets, you can feel safe even when you are travelling. Set the timer on your lighting and simulate presence, or make sure that your smart outlets switch off after a specific time to prevent accidents.

Secure your home

Uninvited guests? Equip your home with motion- and door sensors that record movement in your house, and get a notification immediately on your phone if something seems iffy. You can even make it so that a neighbor gets a notification to help you act if you are not nearby.

So much more than just a smoke alarm. In addition to signaling the detection of smoke or fire, our smart smoke alarm can light escape routes and be used as a siren in the event of a burglary.

Better safe than sorry, right? A moisture damage can cause serious damage and cost you a lot of money. Set up you home with smart sensors that monitor your home whether you are home or not. Place the sensors in the attic for example, and get a notice if something deviates.