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Large home

Make life a bit simpler. With solutions tailored to you and your home, you’re able to just sit back and enjoy your life.

A moisture damage, if left unnoticed, can cause serious damage. We have smart sensors that leave no room for worrying, no matter if you are home or not. Place the sensor in the basement for example, and receive a notification if something is amiss.

Set the right mood with smart lamps

Pretty lighting that is also smart. With an LED Strip, you can illuminate under kitchen cabinets, over paintings or behind the headboard to achieve a comfortable light suited to the room and occasion. Imagine how smart it would be to set dimmed lighting in the bathroom overnight, and thus not have to turn on the light when the kids need to use the bathroom during late hours. 

Lighting a candle and forgetting it is unfortunately common, and it can lead to serious accidents in your home. Investing in a smart smoke alarm can give you that extra minute you need to warn others, put out the fire and save lives. Use serial connection to signal on all floors!

Are you tired of having to manually turn your outdoor lighting on and off? Connect the lighting to our smart outdoor plug, and set it to turn on and off automatically at sunset. It gets no easier than that.