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Telldus live – App version 3

We are constantly working to improve your user experience with us. You can follow our development and achievements here!


v 3.17 (Phased release)
Update of Android widgets (1×1 is available)
Possibility to select home page
Possibility to hide menus
View and adjust schedules for specific devices

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v 3.16 2021-01: Design and dashboard update
v 3.15 2020-12: Switch between accounts, support for dark mode
v 3.14 2020-11: Add 433MHz-devices, RGB support in Android Widgets
v 3.12 2020-03: Thermostat support, Profile page
v 3.11 2019-08: RGB support, Updated design for transparent Android Widgets
v 3.10 2019-05: Widgets for Android (Premium users only)
v 3.9 2019-02: Add Z-Wave devices, Manage phones, Google sign-in
v 3.8 2018-12: Sensor history, Sensor details, Device type
v 3.7 2018-10: Local control (Net v2 and ZNet v1/v2)
v 3.6 2018-05: Add/Edit schedule, Location details, Updated design
v 3.5 2018-03: Device details, Device history, Create account, Activate TellStick
v 3.4 2017-10: First release of v3

Telldus Live – Interface version 3

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2020-01: Time selector in sensor history, bug fix in scheduler
2019-12: Thermostat support, Z-Wave node diagram
2019-10: Sensor history interpolation and live update
2019-10: Campaigns
2019-09: Add and remove sensors
2019-09: Recurring payments for Premium
2019-08: Add Z-Wave devices
2019-06: RGB
2018-10: Language management
2018-09: Device history
2018-09: Text message history
2018-09: Redeem gift card
2018-05: Help section
2018-03: Add gateway
2018-03: Profile
2018-03: Scheduler
2018-02: Viewing of effect
2018-01: Sensors 2017-12: Control devices