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We believe in using small means to simplify everyday life, so that you can spend your time doing more fun things. With our Smart Home devices, your home can detect movement, save energy and be controlled with the help of a few keystrokes on your phone.

Smart Home - products for a simpler everyday life

The future is here! That most of the world is moving towards an increasingly digitalized life style is nothing new. Therefore, Telldus has made sure to always be at the forefront and produce products that our customers value and want to see more of. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, we have the smart devices and solutions that suit you and your home – and we are always readily available if you need our help. Maybe you want to be able to control all the lights in your home via your mobile phone, or have the car heater switched on just in time for you to go to work? Or use sensors to monitor your home when you are away? The possibilities are endless. The road to your smart home starts here!