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Smart hub

Connect your smart devices to a TellStick and get the whole home talking via our cloud service Telldus Live. In this way, you can control your devices with a few keystrokes on your phone and create schedules and automations, which allows you to sit back and relax. It does not get easier than that!

Endless possibilities with a TellStick

An appliance known by many names – Smart hub, Z-Wave hub, or in this case, TellStick. By connecting your smart devices to our Smart Home hub via our cloud service Telldus Live, you can receive information, create schedules and automations in a super convenient way. Who wouldn’t want to be able to control all the lights in the home with a few keystrokes, or get a notification on their mobile phone if someone opens a door or a window when you are not home? The combination of a smart hub with other smart devices in the home means that you are always aware of what is happening, regardless of whether you are on-site or not.