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Smart home

Quality of life. Like when the lights and heat are already on when you get home, or a cup of coffee that’s waiting for you when you wake up in the morning. Make your life easier, starting with Telldus.

With an outdoor plug, you can control outdoor lighting with a few keystrokes on your mobile phone, or charge your garden tools automatically overnight. We believe that simplifying everyday life with small means is what makes a big difference.

Experience the smart home

We transform your everyday life and make the small, everyday problems a little easier with home automation. Simple things like not having to keep turning off the lights, or getting a notification on your phone if the temperature in the fridge or freezer deviates. Smart Home solutions give you the opportunity to relax and focus on more fun things while the rest happens automatically. Imagine how comfortable it would be to step into an already heated car during freezing mornings, or to wake up every morning to freshly brewed coffee. To us, that’s quality of life.

Unsure if you turned off the hair straightener? Exhale. A smart plug allows you to feel confident that the device will turn off after the allotted time, thanks to the timer function. Small means can make all the difference.

A cheap life insurance. Our smart smoke alarm signals to all interconnected devices, which ensures that the alarm reaches everyone in the house. It can also light up escape routes and be used as an alarm siren in the event of a burglary. Every second counts!

Your future smart home system

A smart home is so much more than advanced solutions that seem technical and difficult. A smart home with Telldus is much more than just a physical product. A smart home is an experience and a lifestyle, in our opinion. We believe that simple solutions to small everyday problems can increase one’s quality of life tremendously. Here, we have grown accustomed to being able to control all the lights in the home with a few keystrokes on one’s phone, to wake up to freshly brewed coffee in the morning, or to feel the luxury of sitting in a warm car during freezing mornings. But a smart home is more than home automation. A smart home also gives you a feeling of security since you can monitor it, even when you are not on-site. We have a wide range of Smart Home solutions that both monitor your home and help you get a clear overview of your energy consumption, which is good for both your wallet and the environment.

The possibilities with Telldus Smart Home system are nearly endless. We are also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which gives you the opportunity to control your home’s smart devices via voice control. Smart Homes should not only be for those who are interested in technology; as such, we acknowledge that simplicity is key. Whether you are a new or existing customer with us, we welcome you on an exciting journey in a constantly evolving world.