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Smart plug

Control your home automatically! We have a wide range of smart plugs that make your home so much smarter, hassle-free. A smart plug allows you to control the home’s various devices directly via your phone, regardless of whether you are there or not.

Smart plugs for a smarter home

Imagine being able to control all outlets in the home, directly via your phone. This way, you can automate the coffee maker to be turned on just in time for when you wake in the morning, or turn on lights at specific times and days without having to lift a finger. How many times have you gone to bed at night and realized that the light in the hallway is on, or that the TV is on? With the push of a button, you have solved the problem. A smart plug can also make you feel a little safer at home. You can make a lamp light up in the hallway when you come home in the evening, or even have a lamp in the window light up if a door or window were to be opened when you are not at home. Perfect for scaring away unwanted guests!