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Get more out of your smart home with the help of Google.

With any Google Assistant-enabled device* such as the Google Nest Mini, you can now control all Smartline Flow lights and plugs by voice alone. No extra apps and no extra gateway are needed. It is so easy that anyone can do it. – Simple, convenient and fast.

*Only compatible Telldus and Smartline Flow devices are supported. Google Assistant-enabled device required.

Control your Telldus devices with Google. Just say “Hey Google” to get started.

Some examples of commands you can say:

“Turn on [Lamp name or Scene name]”

“Turn on/off all lights in [Room Name]”

“Turn on/off the light”

“Turn off [Lamp name]”

“Dim the light”

“Dim the lights in the kitchen”

“Increase brightness by [20%]”

“Turn the light [blue ]”

Seamless Setup using the Google Home app

Setting up has never been easier

Google Seamless Setup lets you set up your Smartline Flow devices quickly and easily with just the Google Home app in a few steps. There is no need to download another app to set this up.

Telldus product range is constantly growing

What devices do you have and what have you missed?

Here you will find all our smart plugs

And here you will find our smart lightings

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about our devices

*Only compatible Telldus and Smartline Flow devices are supported.

Create Routines using Google Assistant

Simple sentences – powerful commands

Use Google Assistant Routines to control your Smartline Flow devices.

For example, say “Hey Google, good night” to turn off your lights, pull down blinds and lower the temperature.

Gentle Sleep and Wake timer

Do you usually fall asleep without turning off the light? The Gentle Sleep and Wake function lets you slowly light or dim your smart lights. Gentle Sleep sets your lights to a warm white colour and then slowly dims them over the next 30 minutes. For example, you can say “Hey Google, turn off my lights at 10pm”.

All commands and lots of examples can be found on Google

Go to Google Nest’s help pages for even more examples by clicking here

More examples can be found here

*Only compatible Telldus and Smartline Flow devices are supported.

Smartline Flow is a Smart Home product by Proove Distribution AB that pairs to a Google Account and uses Google services to connect to the internet. For setup and full feature access including remote control, mobile alerts, and software updates, Smartline Flow requires a compatible assistive device (full list available at ) and a working internet connection over Wi-Fi, the free Google Home app, and an active Google Account. Minimum requirements are available at Availability and performance of certain features are service-, device-, and network-dependent and may not be available in all areas. All features, functionality, and product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. Voice control with the Google Assistant requires a compatible smart device. Google and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC.