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Introducing: Telldus Flow

Get ready to experience Telldus like never before!
Get 2X the existing value

Greetings from Telldus. Wish you all a very happy festive season. Today we are happy to share the launch of our new Telldus Flow app.

Telldus Flow gives you a smooth user experience with simplified device control and management. Create complex automations, group devices and monitor your TellStick. Enjoy additional features like multi-site support and family sharing.

Visit our YouTube channel to know more about Telldus Flow

Simplified and secure login process

iOS v 1.1 ||| Android v 1.0

Our new One-Time-Password (OTP) process is far more secure. Log in using an OTP sent to your registered mobile number/email id. So you don’t have to worry about remembering your password.

Simplified device control and management

iOS v 1.1 ||| Android v 1.0

Add new devices with this simple flow: House -> Room -> Device flow (eg: My Home -> Bedroom -> Table Lamp) Convenient grouping style allows you to control individual devices as well as entire rooms.

Central place to control your lights on Telldus Flow

iOS v 1.1 ||| Android v 1.0

Not just by using voice assistants like Google or Alexa, but you can control your Telldus lights directly from the app. Adding more convenience and comfort to your daily needs.

Eg: Control lights in your summer home in Spain from your home in Sweden.

Single window for all Telldus products

iOS v 1.1 ||| Android v 1.0

Telldus Flow not only supports Bluetooth with the new TellStick Flow, but also 433MHz and Z-Wave devices with your existing TellStick’s. The Telldus Live app, web and all devices will continue to work as is, existing Telldus events and schedules will automatically sync with Telldus Flow. Simple migration procedure to migrate from the Smartline Flow app to the Telldus Flow app.

Centralised monitoring of your TellStick

iOS v 1.1 ||| Android v 1.0

On popular request, we have introduced a monitor card to monitor all your TellStick’s. If Telldus is unable to communicate with any of your TellStick, you will be notified via SMS/email.
*URL and push notification feature will be available on iOS v 1.4 Week 1 2023  and  Android v 1.1 Week 51

New sensors and devices

iOS v 1.1 ||| Android v 1.0

Our new door sensors, motion sensors, smart plugs etc. all work with the new Telldus Flow app with the new TellStick Flow. Many more sensors to be launched in the future.

Centralised automations with improved workflows

iOS v 1.3 – Week 52||| Android v 1.1 – Week 51

Your earlier events and schedules created on Telldus Live website and the Telldus Live mobile app have been transformed into automation cards: Basic automation for our new users to easily configure automations to make your homes smarter and Advanced automation for our advanced customers to configure complex workflows to make your homes smarter.

Advanced sharing

iOS v 1.5 – Week 2 2023 ||| Android v 1.1 – Week 51

Share control for rooms and devices with visitors and family members. Easily set what needs to be shared and who can manage directly from the app.